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Steve Appel

Medium: Metal
Year you most recently exhibited at this Show: 2017
Your Estimated Sales at this Show: $501 - $2,000
Price Range of your Work: $30 - $150
Number of Years You have Exhibited in this Show:
5-10 times
Number of Years You have been doing Art Fairs overall: Forever...
Attendance: (1 is poor, 5 is great) 4
Location: 4
Facilities: 5
Ease of Participating: 5
Sales: 4
Overall: 4
Booth Fee vs. Your Sales Ratio: Good
Estimated Attendance: 10,001 - 50,000 people

Good Things about this Art Fair:
The show has maintained around 150 artists, there is really nowhere to grow size wise.

There is very little buy sell if any. Artists come from all over the western states. Good mixture of art.

Parking is in one lot just across from the show. There was NO clothing and there will not be because of the shopping center the show is behind.

The place was packed with buying customers. They are now seeing that this show is better than the show the week before in Boulder City, which has become a giant swap meet.

What could this Art Fair have done better?:
Have more electric carts to help artists. Get the Boy Scouts to help, work better with the shopping center security. When tearing down I had to move my van 3 x's.

Advice to Other Artists Considering this Show:
Patience, come with a lot of it. Set up was a breeze. Tear down was Hell. Quite a few artists that only think of themselves, also book a hotel months in advance. You can always cancel.

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