Jacki Bilsborrow

Hello John, Thanks for your comment. I understand understand how you feel on the anonymous comment, however we feel it is best for everyone if all the comments have full names.

John Lightle

I concur with Bettie Grace Miner. Perhaps an operating handle for the authors. Feedback is important for these event coordinators to continue putting on a good show. Since their income is not tied to the results of a good or bad show, their integrity must. We on the artistry end are usually the first to feel the pinch of a sour economy and we must be selective about the art fairs we choose to participate. Allowing us an anonymous handle would better serve the fairs, fellow participating artist, and likely promote this website as well.

Bettie Grace Miner

To the Administrators here:
Would there be a way to start a new type of review page where artists can be anonymous (you would be able to see who we are) so that we can be honest about shows without fear of repercussions from show managers? I think that's why there are so few show reviews. I would review every single show I'm in if I wasn't worried about backlash. As an example, I just did a show in Tucson, AZ. The show was set up and produced well, but even with a lot of traffic, there were few sales for anyone. Apparently, the saying in Tucson is "Tucson people don't buy art." It would have been nice to have a heads up on that before spending the money to travel, stay in a hotel, etc. I could go on and on about other shows. We are all happy to review good shows, that's easy. But it would be great if we could just lay all our cards on the table. It might push shows to do a better job. Thanks!

Carl Hawkins

If I am applying to a craft show that has jury fees, I’m expecting the best of the best in the craft field. I do not want buy sell items or salesman booths at these juried events. I may not, ever again, apply to a particular craft show that does not follow arts & crafts only rules.
Carl Hawkins

Richard Ansley

How come so many of the posted show reviews are from 2-5 years old? Can't you supply some more updated review information from artists that have done the shows. After all, many shows go through changes from year to year.

Jim & Jo Cook

best site I've seen to help us lost artist.

Chris Fedderson

Hello Everyone,

I have a general comment/suggestion/request... when posting or commenting on a particular fair -- especially ones in less-known towns -- please include a fuller location, e.g., TheBestShow in downtown MyCity, AState, so those of us unfamiliar with the show will know more of the geographic/demographic particulars.



Nancy jones

does anyone know about the fine art show in Monroe,Michigan.can anyone tell me ASAP if this is really a fine art show or another craft it mostly little,old ladies who don't buy anything that is unless it is really cheap.
we heard this is a blue collar area but as a jeweler with a quality product should we do this show this week end
Please respond ASAP to [email protected].
don't do the art show in grand blanc Michigan,a lot of crafts and little fine art as told the show would be.too many old ladies that bought nothing no one else really came to this show,
Do not do the bay harbor,Michigan show,no one came to the show and the promoter treated us with disrespect.there was on jeweler within 1/2 price signs all over her booth the entire show and she was not stopped.she had cheap merchandise and made it difficult for everyone to sell anything.the real fine art was great.

peggy crago

I got into the Clara Brierly AF in Peculiar, MO, but am wondering how sales are there. I'm debating whether to fly back home to get more work done or to stay on the road and do the show. I saw that an artist was going to do it last year but have not heard back from a friend request submitted to her.

friv 2

Does anyone know anything about it ?


Great post, thank

Beth Marcus

Hi,I am not sure if this is the right spot for this commit / observation.This past summer 2014 I was scouting art fest's .It had been years since I had been to the Afton Art Fair in Minnesota so I went.
What a mess ! maybe 4 Art booths.Honestly it was so sad.I chatted with one of the artists she had joined w/out checking it out.She was really disappointed .I still can't get over it.Has anyone else checked this one out?

joan pinkus

If you're in the Atlanta area & your art is whimsical send a photo to Splash Festivals, the best folks here to put on 3 very good festivals. Invitation only, no jury fee. Frances & Cindy treat you like royalty. No porto potties for the artists (actual Bathrooms) & great volunteers to help you unload & set up.
The water & snacks come around all day. I hope they don't mind that I'm posting this but I think they should be recognized for putting on the BEST SHOWS in the Atlanta area.

Connie Mettler

Hello Kevin. Please visit our other site,, where you'll meet 1000's of artists who may have information on this show. Join us there and we'll try to get you an answer.

Kevin Ritter

Does anyone have any information about "under the oaks" show in Corolla, NC in June. I applied and was accepted but had not considered the logistics, access to the show and finding reasonable accomodations. I am wondering if it is worth the exteme effort it will take to do this show. Any insight would be appreciated.

Constance Mettler

Hi Rick, When they say original that is exactly what they mean. Some of the other shows in AA will allow prints, but not at the Ann Arbor Street Art Fair, the Original.

Every show in this business has its own rules and is run independently. My advice is to find the shows you are interested in participating in (visit for a good list), visit their websites and contact them for more info. Good luck. It is an exciting but very competitive business.

Rick Fuschi

Never displayed in a show. Considering application to Ann Arbour because it's close. Their rules say original artworks only. Does this mean I can't sell prints of my work? Are most art shows similar? Would appreciate any elaboration on this. Thanks.

Mickey Shahak

Can anyone recommend a 3 days indoor show (like CraftBoston where we are doing quite good)?
We are coming from Israel and, from our experience, this is the only kind of show that suits us.


did the new paragon show in southampton on june 22-23. very disappointing turn-out-hardly any foot traffic. high quality artisans, but very low sales due to poor attendance.

Jill Ellen Chambers

Has anyone done shows in the Traverse City area - specifically the Cherry Festival Art Festival or the Art Center Outdoor Art Fair?


Clara Brierly Festival of the Arts in Peculiar MO - has anyone info on this show? June 7 - 9.

liza jane norman

Crocker Park Fine Art Show In Westlake Ohio.
This is the 8the year, and we have NO reviews of it on this site. Does anyone know anything about it ?? Please??? it is not even listed under ohio shows, why not?? thank you, Liza Jane


Has anyone done Artrider Spring Crafts Morristown Craft Fair and would you recommend it? If so what is the price range of your work? Thanks! Patty

Julie Cottin

I would join where you can get good advice from thousands of artists. Then after you attend a show, we would appreciate if you stop back here and write an Art Show Review! Best Wishes.

Cheyenne L Rouse

Hello - I wasn't sure where to post this but I have a last minute opportunity to get into a small show here in Scottsdale, AZ. I am new to Art Shows so any review that anyone can give me would be SO helpful as my funds for booth spaces is so limited until I get a few good shows under my belt. The show is ArtFest on 5th Ave in Old Town Scottsdale to be held Oct 19 - 21st - thank you!!!!

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