Kathryn Piotrowski

I am thrilled that I came across artsfairinsiders!!!! Love Love Love IT!!! I am beginning a new chapter in my life and fulfilling my passion for severe weather photography and sharing it at is an exciting journey and finding this forum with like minded people is just awesome!!!

Jeff Ripple

Has anyone done the Palm Harbor Art Show first weekend of December in Palm Harbor, Florida in the last couple of years. I did it 10-12 years ago, before it was moved to the school. Is it back downtown and is it better attended?


Really like the blog, appreciate the share!


Dear Art Show Review,

I am looking to put a question in regarding the Autumn Craft Festival at the Lincoln Center in NY in October. ( I would love to start some discussion about the show and see whether people recommend it or not as I am still on the fence as to whether I'm going. I am having a hard time navigating your site to see where I start the discussion.

Advice on all would be appreciated.


rc helicopter

Impressive blog! -Arron


I'm sooo glad i found the site (love Google). Im some one who hates to gamble and picking a show always feels like a gamble to me, with so many to pick from it can be a little overwhelming. Thank you for all the info!

Kathleen Neff

Very, very comprehensive yet easily scanned from the moment it opens. I like that! It will be so useful and give just that much more to be glad for! Thank you...Kathleen


love!! This is g reat with the states listed so you can go right to the ones you are interested in. LOVE IT.
Thanks for sending the red dot. I look forward to it and seeing others.

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