Jacki Bils

Hello Kelly, I try to get more and updated reviews but we can't make people write reviews. How about you, have you written a review for us?

Kelly Butera

Why are all the reviews & comments all so outdated? Is there a more current place for reviews?

Julie Cottin

Danny, I would join where you can alert thousands of artists. Recently a woman was passing bad checks and with the help of artist and the local authorities the woman was caught and artwork was returned to the rightful owner. Best Wishes.


I also have been scammed by this "business" ([email protected]). After attending a fair in Lancaster, MA I gave him a $50 deposit (for a custom wooden sign) but he will not reply to e-mails and his phone number listed goes to a voice-mail(which is full). Please get his name out there so he does not continue to do this to other people. It is George Kise, WB Sign Studio, Syracuse, NY

Connie Mettler

This is indeed bad news, Gordon. Thanks for sharing this information with us. We'll help spread the word.

Gordon eyer

I attended the Apple Butter Festival at Berkeley Springs WV in October, 2011. I ordered and paid for two signs ($300) from George Kise - W B Sign Studio of Syracuse, NY. It is now February, 2012 and I have not received any merchandise. When trying to contact him ([email protected]) I got excuses and now he doesn't reply at all. Looking him up on the web he has been scamming people at shows for years. I hope you have a way of warning festivals about this guy.

george caligiuri

The best show in the area.

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