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Jeff Gracz

Medium: Photography
Year you most recently exhibited at this Show: 2017
Your Estimated Sales at this Show: $2,001 - $5,000
Price Range of your Work: $70 - $1,095
Number of Years You have Exhibited in this Show:
2-3 times
Number of Years You have been doing Art Fairs overall: 5-10 years
Attendance: (1 is poor, 5 is great) 4
Location: 5
Facilities: 4
Ease of Participating: 3
Sales: 3
Overall: 3
Booth Fee vs. Your Sales Ratio: Okay
Estimated Attendance: 10,001 - 50,000 people

Good Things about this Art Fair:
Great location in heart of downtown
No admission fee
affluent area
weather is usually good
flat ground
good quality art

What could this Art Fair have done better?:
market to higher income brackets
Use Zapplication for application process

Advice to Other Artists Considering this Show:
(1) load in starts at oh-dark-early Saturday AM, makes for a long day
street people are part of the atmosphere.

(2) There is some panhandling going on, be aware of your surroundings. Don't leave your booth unattended.

(3) Some very knowledgeable art people. Some are completely oblivious to protocol and etiquette. They will pick up art without asking. They will take pictures. Manage accordingly.

(4) Volunteers are very good.

(5) Eating out in this area is expensive. Bring your own lunch.

(6) Plenty of water, sodas and light snacks in hospitality booth.

(7) You can pay flat booth fee, or smaller booth fee plus 10% commission. Your choice. Overall, I think the booth fee is reasonable.

(8) No space between booths for storage. You can use space along the street, but you will have to keep it tidy, as there are a lot of pedestrians.

Additional Commentary on this Show:
I had a very good show in 2016. 2017 was about 60% of last year.

Temps were a bit warmer this year which I think kept the crowds down (high 80's - low 90's). Still, there is good potential with this show. I always get post-show sales.

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