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Cindy Cherrington

Medium: Glass
Year you most recently exhibited at this Show:
Your Estimated Sales at this Show: $501-$2000
Price Range of your Work: $25-300
Number of Years You have Exhibited in this Show:
2-3 times
Number of Years You have been doing Art Fairs overall: 5-10 years
Attendance: (1 is poor, 5 is great) 3
Location: 4
Facilities: 4
Ease of Participating: 4
Sales: 3
Overall: 3
Booth Fee vs. Your Sales Ratio: Okay
Estimated Attendance: 501-10,000 people

Good Things about this Art Fair:
Each section has an assigned volunteer. They are there for you all day. Will give breaks or bring snacks and water. Breakfast supplied both days. Snacks & water all day both days. Extremely organized.

You are not allowed into your spot unless you park in front of it. You have to unload and move immediately to other parking. Works really well.

Though it is a higher end outdoor strip shopping center, there are a lot of people there.

Bad Things about this Art Fair:
They get a lot of people because they have a lot of children coming for entertainment which is a couple of times during each day.

These people shop but are not necessarily wanting to buy. When entertainment was going, the crowds were not shopping. If you are on the "main" street sales are higher. if on the cross street, sales seemed to be lower. Check with a couple artists...could be just what they had.

Very, very windy. The buildings cause a wind tunnel.

Advice to Other Artists Considering this Show:
It is well organized. Couldn't ask for better. Did see a lot of big art passing by. Personally sold items under $75.

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