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Patty Lindquist

I did this show many times in the past- it is primarily a music festival, not an art show- though there are nice crafts there, it isn't a fine art venue.
Great fun, good music, pleasant crowds. Attendance is limited to 6500, though- not the number in the listing. It's held on a campground that is limited in people it can hold.

Ráed Al-Rawi

Name of the Show: LEAF Fest
Where: Black Mountain, NC
Date: May 10-13
Media: 2D painting in Acrylic
Have you done this show before? No . 1st time
How far is it from where you live : 2 hours
What did you think about the location? Very good

Any idea about the promotion for the show? Did you see any billboards, advertising on TV, newspapers? People know about it historically. There is Radio and newspaper advertisements for it.

What did you think about the attendance? What you expected? less than you expected? Better? I expected great attendance and it was.

How did the show people treat you? were there amenities such as discounted hotel rooms, accessible parking, electricity, food, volunteers

The people were very nice. The parking was far to some of us depending where the booths are. Most everybody campted as everybody does because it's a music festival. Hotels were a few miles away. I am not sure if there were any discounts.

Electricity was provided to some vendors. The food was great and there were many volunteers.

Did you feel like you got a fair return for your personal investment: booth fee & expenses: No, because it was my 1st time. Also the festival was a music one and a great one for the music lovers but, for fine art was not the right festival. Craft art was good. I thought most of the venders were craft, jewelry and clothing.

The good thing about the show is; it was fun for all ages, great music and musicians. Family friendly and many venues to play, dance, boating, swimming and many more.

The fee was $360 for the booth. I would advise fine art vendors to look elsewhere unless you like the music like me. Most of all I did it for my family to have fun while I am learning the art fair business.

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