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Alyn Federico

I did the Corn Hill Festival this year (2018) and had a blast. This was my first year at this festival. I managed to sell an original piece. The woman that bought the drawing saw it last year at Park Ave, she liked it so much that she had to buy it. Made a good piece of money on the original as well as other prints that I sold.

The staff at this show were good, sort of sporadic but good. Set-up and take down were pretty easy, and parking was a dream.

If I hadn't sold the original I still would have cleared a $1000, which isn't too bad. Great neighbors, great spot and I'm glad I did the show.

Paul Brand

My daughter and I both had booths at Corn Hill in 2015.

Good: volunteers were available helpful friendly. crowds moderate.

Bad: Not a fine art show, lots of low end crafts (booths selling lavender sprigs, candles shaped like rocks, marinara sauce, etc). Fine art diluted among these cheesy crafts.

WIFI didn't work, cost me a sale. Used verizon after that.
Neither of us are going back.

Manda Brezicky

Show Name: Corn Hill Arts Festival
City and State: Rochester, NY
Your Medium: 2D mixed media
Year you most recently exhibited at this Show: 2014
Your Estimated Sales at this Show: rather not say
Number of Years You have Exhibited in this Show: 1st time
Attendance: (1 is poor, 5 is great) 2
Location: 4
Facilities: 2
Ease of Participating: 4
Sales: 1
Overall: 1
Booth Fee vs. Your Sales Ratio: poor
Estimated Attendance: I'd be surprised if it was more than 3,000

Good Things about this Art Fair: The neighborhood was lovely. Once I figured out where parking actually was (my ditziness, not the festival's), parking was easy. There was plenty of room to pull up to my spot. My neighbors were all gems. Whether by luck of the draw or intentionally, I was put between two veterans (of outdoor shows in general and Corn Hill in particular), and I appreciated how friendly and helpful they were!!!

The volunteers were all nice, if confused and seemingly overworked.

Bad Things about this Art Fair: Attendance was very disappointing. During set up Sat morning, my neighbor's husband was raving about how many people came, how busy we would be, how well he thought my work would sell. By Sat evening, he was apologizing - he felt bad he'd gotten me excited about the crowd and there was hardly anyone. His exact words were, "This crowd has been less than half of what it usually is." Did I mention his wife has done Corn Hill for something like 7 years?

When I first got there to set up Friday, I couldn't find my space at first, and couldn't find anyone to help me. My husband got out when we finally came upon an information booth. They told him I'd passed it and to turn around and look more carefully. The numbers were painted with a dark green that blended into the street, so we actually passed it once more before he got out and walked up and down the street. The information booth said they didn't have my info packet.

The email I got a week before said my street volunteer would be there Friday night. Never saw him, and the information booth said he probably wasn't there (they didn't know???). Met him Sat morning, and he was confused why I didn't get my artist packet from the booth the night before (!!!).

Oh yes, my street volunteer. He was a really nice guy! But I think he had too much area to cover solo. I saw him 4 times the whole festival: once welcoming me Sat morning, once Sat evening when he asked if I needed anything, once 30 mins later when he brought the water bottle I requested, and Sunday night when we were tearing down. To be fair, I did have my family with me, buuut, my husband was on children duty, and for all intents and purposes, I was flying solo.

My biggest problem was, this was not an art festival. This was not the fine art festival is claimed to be. I saw a LOT of buy sell. Probably close to 20 tents of slumped wine bottles (my friends and husband, who walked the whole festival, saw more). A LOT of mainstream, typical photography. Lots of kitschy craft type stuff. A couple friends living in Rochester came to visit me separately, and they both asked what I was doing there after they saw the make up of the festival. My husband said late Sat morning that he was sorry, but he didn't think I would do well based on what he saw. Lots of low end sales for people. My photographer neighbor's sales were way - where they said they usually make a good profit, they just broke even (they live in Rochester too, so their costs were pretty low).

Advice to Other Artists Considering this Show: Think of this more as a craft show than a fine art show. A few patrons were down right rude & fairly uneducated on fine art. I'm a native CNYer, so I'm used to it; a non-native of the area might be very put off by it.

If you're more fine art than craft, you're probably better off at Clothesline. If you're weird/horror art, Rochester might not be your scene.

Wendy Merkle

Corn Hill is a wonderful show in a unique downtown Rochester area that experienced urban renewal about 45 years ago. The highway, river and retail areas kind of keep this neighborhood isolated from things that can make a downtown show crummy.

This neighborhood association runs the show and they do a top notch job. Street Managers keep on top of things. Coffee, Orange Juice and Bagels are available for purchase on a rolling cart in the morning. The vendors are typically high quality and the buying brisk. The load in and load out are well organized and uneventful, at least for us the last 4 years.

The judging is of a booth, and a body of work. It is clear the judges need to be changed more often, as many artists complained that the judge didn't look at their items or did a glance. I feel they had already made up their minds and this was a judge who does it every year. So it kind of has a reputation of being poorly judged.

Otherwise, I think its a great show and I would highly recommend it. The attendance is extraordinarily good.


I am a NY based photographer that specializes in Abandonscape prints on metal. I have done Corn Hill the past two years and will be attending this year. It is a wonderful show. High attendance and we always do well there. Parking is tough but we think it is worth it. It is a well coordinated event.

Laura M

Does anyone have thoughts on Corn Hill, if you have done the show in the last several years? Looking for guidance. . . .
Thank you, Laura M


Does anyone have any recent experience at Corn Hill?

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